Our company (MOBILE TELEPHONY AND COMMUNICATION CENTER) has been in the telecommunication field for many years.
It was September 1998, when Markos Makris decided to marry his love and his passion with mobile telephony (he watched as a hobby all the developments after a mania and knew the menus of the mobs out) with his profession (electronic broadcasting and electro-acoustic devices). So he opened with a lot of trouble and difficulty as self-made, a shop in 121 Ippokratous Street, in the center of Athens.
Soon, from his love and love at work, he became known in the telecommunications field. Many of his colleagues and employees in other stores, even in chains, from across Athens, have sent and still continue to send their mobile phones for repair to shop (despite the drop in the initial value of mobile). At the same time it has created partnerships with the 3 mobile networks (and Q later) to offer complete services and choices to its customers
Understanding the power of the internet, the tremendous ease it offers, and as a person who watched developments in technology, immediately opened with the operation of the store, a pioneering website for the era, in which it presented the mobile with their photos and basically features (from then on!) with the brand new flash technology, maintaining and updating the site itself every day. There, the few Internet users at that time found information on service, mobile and all the programs of the three mobile phone companies, both in prepaid and in contracts.
This page is still available today and it works without any updating !! REALLY wishes to visit her, to see the love that existed, considering that all this happened in 1998, !! It is at www.users.otenet.gr/~kintilef (by clicking on our old page). They will remember those who used mobile phones at that time, and the younger ones, will see the models and understand the evolution of mobile telephony. You will also see photos from the store and the owner ..

The page worked for 2 years until the traffic load (even weekly varied content of the site and the site we were presenting at that time, without paying registration, as the best effort in the internet) forced us to move in 2000 to our own large privately owned site and with a large bandwith, www.kintilef.com. We developed more and more precisely the items we were selling, and created a <prime> shopping shop without online ordering but with order forms based on the products we had and especially the used ones that came to our advantage.
The crisis in the communications sector with the fall of subsidies as well as some spins of fraudsters that have set the goal for the business have delayed our natural evolution in an online store, despite the fact that we have begun the first in the field. In spite of the contradictory conditions, with perseverance and patience we finally managed to do it and since 1 December 2008, the continuation of kintilef.com, to www.apiastos.gr kai apiastos.eu, is a fact !!!!
The online shop is opened and supplemented daily with more products !!
We in the big advertising of the major stores – chains and the big words, we have to oppose our prices, our love for our object and knowledge, our experience for so many years, personal and direct communication.
Poor, good bases, for impenetrable service. Our prices can and are so cheap, not because we are shopping for outlets or because we are buying large quantities (which can not be done against chain capital) but first because because we are a personal business, we have lower operating costs, and secondly because we work with too little profit. This is because we aim to put a small stump both in the development of the electronic market that is still in Greece in the infancy and in order to show that even small businesses CAN AND MUST be competitive so that there is a balance and to run competition, which will not be the case if only multinationals and hypermarkets are left behind.
We therefore invite you to become a happy (hopefully) our client and a helper of this effort !! Products are added daily to the store. Keeping track of prices, updating them immediately, and better presenting a product is a tedious and time-consuming process and that’s why the pace of introducing new products is not as fast as we would like.
That’s why we PLEASE ask you before you decide to buy a product from the categories listed on the site or make a repair, and there are not any of those on our website to ask for your offer at info@apiastos.gr. or messenger to facebook. We ALWAYS very soon (within 18 hours) we will have been looking for many good partners who have so many years of cheapest price and we will do our best offer which you can then compare with the market research you have already done and get your final decision.
We are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with our e-shop, and e-mail for any queries-clarification-offer you want!
By telephone also 12 hours a day Monday through AND Saturday from 10am to 10pm at night, at 690-9210821 and 2114010652, you can request information or 24 hours at our info @ apiastos. gr. BECAUSE the developments in our market have forced us to operate only online since 2014 from Sofia, so it is NOT possible to receive from the shop.
The agreements we have made with Courier and with ELTA for the most remote areas of Greece and abroad allow us to offer you a minimal transportation cost so that you do not eat your minimum free time to move those who are Athens and not you measure the distance you are province or abroad. Also, payment methods will meet all needs.
Through a paypal that is completely secure and years-old you can use your credit card or account from the computer screen, the classic and traditional cash on delivery when you bring your product to your door, and deposit into a bank account for those who they can not or find it difficult to use the other two ways. In this case you must send us the depository with your details and your phone numbers to email mas, info @ apiastos.gr and we reward you for your trust, taking all the transportation costs!
Mobile: 690 9210821
THL: 211 4010652