1) By cash, either with ELTA, or with the co-operating courier. Then the shipping cost due to the preferential agreements we have achieved is ONLY 3 euro for Athens and 4 euro for the province for parcels up to 3 kg, for every extra pound there is an additional charge of 1.20 euro for Athens and 1.50 euro for province areas that are considered inaccessible the cost is 10 euros)! The extra charge is charged EXTRA 2.80 euro. Shipments of over EUR 700 have ONLY the costs of cash on delivery. The mission is burdened by us.
The prices are ONLY for online ordering from the Internet and sending to your home with the cooperating courier company.
2) Through paypal ( This is in e-commerce the most widespread and most SAFE way to make payments, either by credit card or by transfer-deposit from your bank account. This international (paypal) organization has been certified with all European – international security standards, accessed via encrypted ssl encryption, used by over 100 countries worldwide without ever having any problems. You open an account easily with just your email.
WARNING: Prices on our site are with a minimum profit, only 5-8%! That’s why paypal charges the transaction with 3.80% and in order to be right with our customers, WE DO NOT PAY all our prices at this rate, YOU are forced to include it to those who choose paypal credit. So YOU ​​CHOOSE PAYMENT PAYMENT, you will see this charge, which DOES NOT go to our pocket but paypal commission. Thank you!
3) By depositing in our bank account. In this case, you must send your deposit (or proof of execution of a call through webbanking) or by email at, please contact Mr. Markos Makris with your name and surname!
In this case you are not charged absolutely NO, zero costs, we are burdened.
Our bank accounts for the deposit are:
UNICREDIT: BG75UNCR70001523134236
ALPHA: GR02 0140 1590 1590 0234 0016 645
PIRAEUS: GR19 0172 0830 0050 8305 1739 125
NATIONAL: GR8101101690000016963212085

4) By credit card. There is the possibility of paying through debit and credit cards.
Our website has ssl certification from At the moment the redemption will take place at the reception of the courier company that we cooperate with and paypal with credit … In a few days we will also activate direct payment from our page and in installments.




Most products are shipped the next business day (at the latest) or by our own means, by telephone, electronic mailing with you at any time, at your work or at home, or by the courier company.
If you work with a company and want to send it there, it is necessary to write down the name of the company, so that the courier does not look for a problem with the shipment.
For purchases of any products of 700 € or more the shipment is free of charge, while for purchases of lesser amount the cost is 3 € for parcels up to 2kg and you are charged 1,20 for each extra kilo.
Deliveries are made within working days between 10.00am and 9.00pm. There is the possibility of delivering and Saturday of your mission.
The billing process is 3.50 euro per shipment!
For the rest of Greece
There are 2 ways of shipping: by courier (2-4 working days) or by ELTA cash on delivery. The shipping cost is borne by the consignee.
Shipping costs with Courier are 4 € up to 3kg. For each extra pound you will be charged € 1.50. WARNING !: In some remote areas, courier delivery is still impossible or expensive. In such cases the mail is sent by mail.
WARNING: In some remote areas, courier delivery is still impossible or unprofitable because it is inaccessible! In such cases the shipment is EXCLUSIVE with ELTA but without any trouble come back to your door.
In the case of courier delivery, delivery is possible on Saturdays
MINIMUM order of 15 euros.
Athens, shipping costs 3 euros (up to 2 kg, for every extra pound there is a charge of 1.20 euros)
Province cost of shipping 4 euros (up to 2 kg, for every extra pound there is a charge of 1.50 euros)
Affordable areas shipping costs extra 10 euro
Delivery process 3.5 euro.
For the outside
Shipping abroad is by mail or courier and varies by country of dispatch.
SPECIALLY FOR CYPRUS, ALBANIA, BULGARIA, ROMANIA the shipping cost is 17 euros plus 4 euros the delivery costs ONLY to them can be shipped by cash on delivery!

For countries belonging to the European Union (EU) the shipping cost is 26 € up to 2kg and a charge of 2 € for each additional 0.5kg.
For countries outside the European Union the shipping cost is 31 € up to 2kg. Orders abroad are not surrendered.
All the above prices include 24%
When you submit your order, you will automatically be returned an email indicating what you ordered. You do not need to do anything else. Your order has taken its course and you can see the processing steps and you will be informed by me. If there is any anomaly we will also contact you.
Available by telephone every day from 10am to 10pm for any queries on 6909210821.
RETURNS, like other stores that love E-Commerce, enables you to enjoy the privilege of direct contact with the products it has on your computer screen through the fullness of the descriptions you post on its pages , Quick and easy.
But wanting to cover even more our customers, to highlight the benefits of using the internet in our everyday markets, we offer the possibility of returning products.
Return Terms


The date of receipt of your order with the date of submission of the refund request will not exceed 7 calendar days.
The packaging has not been tampered with and is in its original (factory) condition.


Return Procedure


Send ONLY via ELTA


In this case:


Pack the product in a larger box to be protected when shipped.
You put a document in the package that you have set out about how you want us to solve the financial issue, if the product is judged fit for return.
Send the parcel, via the courier agency from which you received your order, to the Return Department. Please note that refund costs are charged to the customer.


We would like to remind you that if the product does not meet the above conditions, it will be returned to the sender by charging him / herself.